Sleddog tour South Lapland:

Experience wilderness in South Lapland. Running a team of sleddogs down the trail.

Price list for our tours in Högland. Fjällbrudens Ateljé & Slädhund with Höglands Värdshus.

Weather conditions can force us to alter the accomodation. If the wather is hard we stay down in the walley at the Värdshus for accomation on the tours for more than one day. This considering to saftey and animal wellfare.

Day tour with break for outdoor cooking. With start about 10 and finish around 5. 1400 Sek/ Person

Three day tour with outdoor living for one or two nights. 5850 Sek/person.

Five day tour with outdoor living for two or three nights. 9200 Sek/person.


You will get to know our dogs an try the musching life. We run a small business and take care of guests in smaller amounts. Our consept is musching as lifestyle. Here dogs come first and nature. You get to travel with us and adjust to the enviroment. 

Arrival at evening. We cook dinner together and prepare for the trip. Help you out with the packing, we load sleds and stuff. After one nights sleep in our Värdshus/ Lodge we start our adventure. Running for some hours. Stopping for lunch brake. Running some more. Setting up camp for the night. Making dinner together. Just relaxing and enjoying outdoor living. The tour ends at the Värdshus with one more night befor you leave. We know how tired guests are after this trip and It´s safe to sleed before driving home. The weather can force us to alter the trip duing to saftey. 

Booking +46(o)70 2665056.